Anton & Maxine

Handmade Clothing

Featured in MOODSWING's Fashion Style Glamour Spring Edition Magazine

​​Interview for MOODSWING Magazine

Columbia Design League's 10th Annual runaway runway "Mad Skills" (Best Craftsmanship) Award Winner April 2017 at the Columbia Museum of Art

"Summer Days & Picnic" - Grocery bags, shopping bags, plastic table cloth. The inspiration for my Outfit -for the Theme came after I met my model. I knew from the beginning that I would use plastic/grocery bags, because they were the most plastic items that I had at home.

Art Ecologie's ecoFab Trash Couture - May 27th 2017 at Tapp's Art Center

***New Location***

Tapp's Arts Center

Studio #4

​1644 Main St, Columbia, SC

"Yes I do...Love Coffee" - Starbucks coffee bags, recycled T-shirt, hook and eye tape, thread, velcro.  We drink a lot of coffee at our house and so do a lot of our friends. So the supplies were endless.