***New Location***

Tapp's Arts Center

Studio #4

​1644 Main St, Columbia, SC

Fresh Plastic II 2018

"Yes I do...Love Coffee" - Starbucks coffee bags, recycled T-shirt, hook and eye tape, thread, velcro.  We drink a lot of coffee at our house and so do a lot of our friends. So the supplies were endless.

Pelliclaude Fashion Show

Ecofab 2018


Columbia Design League's 10th Annual runaway runway "Mad Skills" (Best Craftsmanship) Award Winner April 2017 at the Columbia Museum of Art

"Summer Days & Picnic" - Grocery bags, shopping bags, plastic table cloth. The inspiration for my Outfit -for the Theme came after I met my model. I knew from the beginning that I would use plastic/grocery bags, because they were the most plastic items that I had at home.

Art Ecologie's ecoFab Trash Couture - May 27th 2017 at Tapp's Art Center

Featured in MOODSWING's Fashion Style Glamour Spring Edition Magazine

​​Interview for MOODSWING Magazine

Benedict College Homecoming Fashion Show